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Driving Lessons with Pass 2 Day

Whether you’re a complete learner driver getting into the driving seat for the first time, or if you’ve had a little time behind the wheel already, learning to drive and passing your driving test starts here.
You want a driving school that can deliver on every level, right?
Our unique program focuses on quality, not quantity, ultimately saving you both time and money. So you pass your test, we share your success, and whoever is paying for your driving lessons is happy. Everyone’s a winner!
Whether you’re bursting with confidence, or have those natural beginner’s nerves, your Pass 2 Day, Driving Standards Agency approved Driving Instructor will take you from novice learner driver to self assured, independent driver, at a pace that’s right for you.
Discover everything that learning to drive has to offer; Discover Your new skill with Pass 2 Day..

Discover Your New Skill

We all have our own reasons for learning to drive. Whatever your reason, starting now will give you a return on your investment, for the rest of your life.

Whether a full driving licence will help you get a job, or travel to and from work quicker and easier; whether it is something that you want to get under your belt before you set off for university; whether driving a car will help you with the school run before you go to work; or whether you’re starting the process later than your friends who learnt at seventeen, this is the point that you will discover your freedom, and never look back.

Whatever your age or circumstance, being able to drive isn’t just a qualification, it’s a key life skill, which will enhance every aspect of your working, social and family life, not just now, but in the future too.We don’t know of anyone who has ever regretted learning to drive. Do you?



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